What are the benefits?

Compare self storage to other options. One of the key benefits is that you remain in control:

  • You lease the self storage unit and do not share it with other unknown users.
  • You can access your belongings at a range of convenient times without appointments or additional charges.
  • You choose the size of the storage unit and can adjust the size as circumstances change.
  • You choose how long to use the space.
  • You can pack the unit as you wish to protect your possessions.
  • You hold the key and control who has access.
  • You can vary the stored items yourself whenever you like with no service charges*
  • You can save money.


Here are some tips for you to make the most of your self storage unit.

  • Choose the best size unit for your needs (we can help you to calculate the size).
  • Plan your storage space and prepare the items accordingly.
  • Store heavy or large items at the back or at the bottom.
  • Label each box clearly on the side and store with the labelled side showing. For greater security, number the boxes and retain a list of their contents off site.
  • Pack items you may need, such as important papers, in accessible containers at the front of the unit for easy access. We can help you with packing materials and shelving to make sure you get the best utilisation of your space.
  • Allow for walking space if you will be accessing things regularly.
  • Pad mirrors and glass.
  • Leave fridge and freezer doors ajar.
  • Keep fabric off the bare floor (eg mattresses, upholstery).
  • Clearly label fragile items and store them away from heavier items.
  • Do not attempt to store paints, explosives, inflammable materials or hazardous fluids (safety regulations prohibition).
  • Do not store perishables – the units are cool but not climate controlled.
  • Arrange adequate insurance cover before you store.